Today wins.

I don’t often do daily posts – mainly because I don’t think my life is that interesting. But today has been exceptional, even if it is a Monday and I can feel a cold around the corner and my period creeping up on me.

I managed to run 5K in less than 31 minutes which is a PB for me. Granted it was on a treadmill and I was doing intermittent sprints for most of it. BUT STILL. I also arranged an event at work (one of my largest yet) and this is the feedback that I got:Learning live feedback

Β This ties into the whole question that librarians all over the world have – how do I know if I’m proving value. Well. There it is. And I especially like the last bit – about how what I do (me!) for this person helps to set Microsoft apart from the rest of the IT industry.

Well I’m walking home on clouds right now. πŸ™‚


Asking for Help

One of the hardest things that I’ve ever learnt how to do is to ask for help. Sounds pretty easy right? but it’s not. I have a lot of pride and I’m really bloody stubborn, couple that with growing up in a culture which is obsessed with ‘saving face’ and you have the recipe for ‘suffering in silence.’ That’s not to say that you shouldn’t surround yourself with people who know when you need a bit of a pick-me-up. Continue reading

A Not-S0-Typical-Graduate

This month I was lucky enough to be contacted for a follow-up piece I wrote a few years ago. Aside from having shorter hair and just looking older (!), I was able to update my story and reflect on what I’ve achieved since.

I’m not going to ruin it for you, but I’ve come a lot further than I thought I ever would. And I have a feeling that I still have quite a ways to go.

Learn How to Fall

That’s what my climbing instructor said to me yesterday and I freaked out. I’m already scared of heights and now I have to trust my life to someone I barely know and hope that they’ll save me. It’s pretty darn close to being my worst nightmare if I’m totally honest.Β  Continue reading

The Comfort Zone

Doing the Spartan RaceΒ is probably what made me thinking about my comfort zone and what I perceive myself to be capable of, versus what I probably am capable of.

I’m not sure when I started putting limitations on myself but I do, and I have.

I waded 1 km through waist-high mud, I lifted a 40kgΒ weight, I dragged a cinder block in a circle, the list goes on. But I did it!? And I felt amazing afterwards (endorphins notwithstanding) and the feeling of accomplishment has stuck with me. I mean if I could do that, what else could I do? Continue reading